Real Quick: What to do When…

by whynotbeme

I should first note that I haven’t done all of the things or methods I’m writing about. I’m trying to come up with effective ways to deal with Bro Culture for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s. When I come up with a possible approach, I’ll try it myself at the next opportunity and tell ya’ll how it turns out. I’m no master of undermining Bro Culture just yet; I only just discovered it!

SO, a common situation that faces men is illustrated in this exchange from the movie “Get Him To the Greek.” Aldous, an oversexed rock star played by Russell Brand, sees an attractive woman at a party and expresses his feelings regarding her to his manager, Aaron (Jonah Hill).

Aldous Aldous Open QuoteI would grind that, I would ride the sh*t out of her.Close Quote
Aaron Aaron Open QuoteYeah, I would kiss her face.Close Quote

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Aaron, who has a steady girlfriend and is a basically upstanding guy (if occasionally also a clueless bro, as in the “are you on your period?” moment earlier in the film; a cheap Apatow-esque laugh), replies by agreeing with the girl’s attractiveness but rhetorically (meaning in what he actually says) disagreeing with the extent to which Aldous regards her as a sexual object. Even though it’s meant to be funny (and it is), Aaron is demonstrating a certain courage; he respects women more than Aldous, and is willing to contradict him. Sure, he starts with saying “Yeah,” as though in agreement. Ideally, he would have said, “No, I don’t see women that way, Aldous. I might kiss her face, if given consent to do so.” But this is a comedy film, not “about” men straightening out other men about respecting women (what movie IS about that? Like ever? We need one of those!).

Still, I think it’s a useful example of What to do When a man tries to rope you into a sexist sentiment: be honest, and even more forthright than Aaron.