The First Post!

by whynotbeme

I am starting this blog as my final project in my Writing Women Safe course at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ, which is a course dedicated to preventing violence against women through writing and activism.

SHE COULD BE YOUR SISTER BRO will be a collection of ideas and methods for young men, like myself, to undermine what I call Bro Culture from within, without having to “lose face,” become alienated, or lose credibility among our peers. It will give men a way to think for themselves, to not commit verbal acts that they know to be mean and wrong, to not objectify women and themselves in the process, and to grow beyond the limited and narrow expectations that society has laid out for us.

It will not make men into “feminists” necessarily, but it will allow men to avoid perpetuating the inequality between men and women that serves only to undermine everyone’s self-esteem, and limit our agency (and all the premises that I posit will be discussed; nothing will be taken for granted). It will describe how we objectify and hurt ourselves by hurting others, and help us to instead find ways to feel good about ourselves by finding solidarity with others, instead of at their expense. Lastly, it will strengthen our critical thinking about the world around us, and allow us to add to it, rather than simply participate in it.

The first few posts after this one will contain all of the academic underpinnings (as required by the assignment), and then it’ll get a little easier. If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment or email me.